Already millions of square meters of paper honeycomb are used in the furniture industries. Because the panels have a very low weight it is easy for the take away furniture, but also for high quality furniture it is and can be used. By using a small honeycomb cell size (15 mm) and for example 3 mm mdf/chipboard you will have a very stable sandwich construction.

In the past the honeycomb furniture was mainly glued with a UF or PVAC glue and pressed in a hot or cold press. But the last years furniture manufacturers are using also heated PUR glue. By doing this a long pressing time is not necessary anymore and there will be very few moisture in the panel. The panels can be produced with a frame. But many manufacturers are changing over to production without a frame work. The edge banding is done directly on the skin, or the frame is placed after the honeycomb panel is produced.

Furniture with paper honeycomb